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It's that time of the week again!!! Hopefully you are snuggled up under your favourite (Snuggly Jacks of cause!) MUMMA Organic Knitted Blanket, with a warm cup of coffee and you are ready to settle in and read another amazing birth story.

When we put a call out for Birthing Stories to share with you, I never envisioned the amazing women I would get to meet. Their strength, courage and determination is inspiring. This week we meet Beth and her 3 beautiful little boys.

doctors feared my son was at risk of shoulder dystocia due to his position. Cue emergency caesarean section number 1 and my new c section scar.


Starting back at the beginning I fell pregnant in May 2017 with our first boy. I was induced at 38 weeks and despite a pretty straight forward labour, doctors feared my son was at risk of shoulder dystocia due to his position. Cue emergency caesarean section number 1 and my new c section scar. Thankfully after our son Felix's birth I was informed the c-section was complication free and if I ever decided to have another baby I would be the perfect candidate for a VBAC (vaginal Birth after C section).

 Newborn Baby Laying on a bed wearing overalls
Our first son, Felix 

Fast forward to 2019 we decided we wanted to add another baby to our family. We fell pregnant in February and from the day we found out I was pregnant I had envisioned a natural delivery. At 40+4 I went into spontaneous labour in the middle of the night. I had the labour I dreamed of. Breathing through each contraction in a dimly lit room listening to a carefully put together playlist with my Mum and Husband in the room with me.

Things turned fairly quickly when my baby hadn’t engaged properly and his heart rate was beginning to drop quite dramatically. I soon found myself facing  emergency C-Section number 2. Only this time it was a real dire emergency. Within minutes of being in theatre I was told they were fearful that my son was not coping with each contraction and the quickest way to deliver him was to put me under a general anesthetic. Before I knew it I was counting down from 10 with the lights quickly blackening around me.

I was lucky enough to leave theatre… I count myself very lucky to have survived that c section

Next thing I remember, I was waking up intubated and in ICU. I had haemorrhaged 4.8L in theatre after a cervical tear. 11 blood transfusions and 2 code pinks later doctors managed to fix the tear and somehow I was lucky enough to leave theatre with all my reproductive organs intact. I count myself very lucky to have survived that c section let alone still be told I could carry more children if desired. 

Newborn baby in hospital crib snuggled under a warm minky blanket
Our second boy, Sonny

In 2021 my Husband and I decided again we were ready for another baby, however, after an unsuccessful 13 months we decided to stop trying and give ourselves a break. In August 2022 my 4.5 year old woke up and rubbed my tummy and said “oh mummy there’s a baby in your tummy”. Still hurting from our months of trying I said 'no honey there’s not'. To our absolute shock and surprise, there was in fact a little baby growing in my tummy. 

A baby that restored so much hope and happiness back into my life from the moment we knew about him. Our third son.

I had a pretty standard pregnancy and had an overwhelming intuition that this baby was here on his own terms and would make sure both he and I were okay. I knew from the outset I would not be allowed to have a natural labour or delivery which I was okay with however towards the end of the pregnancy I started feeling anxious and couldn’t help but reflect on my previous experience and fear the same would happen. I was under the care of a great team of health care professionals who provided great reassurance and frequent monitoring to ensure my body was coping with the pregnancy.

At 2am on the 18th of March at 36 weeks and 3 days pregnant, I woke up with what I thought was a contraction. At this point my pelvic pain was so severe I couldn’t be sure if it was just pelvic pain or if it was really a contraction but when I was hit with 4 more I knew my baby was getting ready. In hindsight, I’m not surprised he wanted to come early. From conception to delivery, it was always on his terms, when he was ready. After a 4am phone call to the hospital we packed our bags in the car to get checked out.

We were met by a midwife who led us in to birth suite 3. I took this as a sign that things were going to be okay as he was our 3rd baby. My midwife administered some pain relief and it was reiterated a few times that they didn’t want him out just yet. He, however, had other plans. After being told my cervix was not dilated and still indeed closed I was left on the monitors so they could see what these contractions were doing. Within half an hour I rang the buzzer as the contractions had intensified and become much more regular. The doctor came in to assess me and said I had now dilated to a 3. I knew this meant I was going to meet my baby today however couldn’t help but feel such a mix of emotions. So much fear yet so much excitement. 

Before I knew it, doctors and midwives were in my room applying TED stockings, inserting cannulas and getting me to sign consent forms. 

It was really happening. It was 7:48am and they were wheeling me to theatre. Theatre number 3. Another sign that gave me reassurance. I had envisioned how I would feel in this moment and somehow I was so much calmer than I ever thought was possible especially after my last experience. I was overcome with this certainty that both me and my baby were going to be okay. I had so much trust that he was going to make sure of that yet he was still inside my tummy. 

The usual proceedings continued to finish my cesarean and I was wheeled out to recovery

Before I knew it they asked if I wanted the curtains lowered and there was my boy, Henry. Screaming, covered in vernix yet healthy and thriving on the outside. Within minutes he was on my chest and I cannot accurately describe how I just felt healed. An instant sense of completion that I have never felt before. 

The usual proceedings continued to finish my cesarean and I was wheeled out to recovery to again be reunited with my boy. They raised concerns about his breathing. Rapid respiratory rate and a grunting indicating he was struggling to breathe easily. I asked for him to be placed on my chest and before they could ring the paediatrician to assess his breathing, all returned to normal. It was obvious that he needed me just as much as I needed him. 

Newborn Baby Boy wrapped in a Snuggly Jacks Taupe Knitted Blanket 

Our 3rd boy, Henry in his SJ's Taupe Organic Knitted Blanket

Since that day our Henry has been an absolute dream for us. He was sent to heal me and he has well and truly done that. Each waking minute with him is a reminder of just how special he is. Such a new little baby with so much purpose in this life. There is a connection with this baby I can’t quite describe. My oldest son is in awe of his baby brother and I still cannot comprehend how he knew there was a baby in my tummy. They have a very special bond and I cannot believe how lucky I am to have 3 perfect healthy and not to mention beautiful boys. 


 Mother with her 3 sons sitting on a black sofa 
Me and my 3 precious boys

 Two Brothers snuggled on a couch
 Felix and Henry

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