Hi Mummas,

If you are here reading our newest Journal entry, you are quite possibly pregnant with your 2nd or even 3rd baby. So lets start with a huge CONGRATULATIONS! Welcoming a new addition to the family is a joyous occasion, but it can also be a time of adjustment for your older child. The transition from being the only child to sharing the spotlight with a younger brother or sister can trigger a mix of emotions, from excitement to sibling jealousy. As a parent, it's essential to support your older child's emotional journey and foster a strong sibling bond filled with sibling love. Here are some valuable tips and tricks to help your older child navigate this new chapter:

1. Prepare Them in Advance

Sibling jealousy often arises due to the fear of losing attention and love. Begin preparing your older child for the new arrival early on. Involve them in discussions about the baby's impending arrival, allowing them to share their thoughts and feelings. Read books about becoming a big brother or books for sister and engage in conversations that highlights the positive aspects of having a younger sibling.

2. Encourage Involvement

Empower your older child by involving them in the preparations. Allow them to help choose baby items or set up the nursery. Their participation not only makes them feel valued but also helps them develop a sense of responsibility towards their younger brother or sister.

3. Highlight the Joys of Sibling Love

Discuss the special bond that siblings share, emphasizing the joy of having a lifelong friend and play mate. Share stories of your own experiences with your siblings, highlighting the positive moments and challenges you've faced together. I absolutely love sharing stories of my childhood with my daughter. Reminising about playing with my sisters for hours on end, is one of my most favourite experiences to share. 

4. Special Gifts for Brothers and Sisters

Consider giving your older child a thoughtful gift from the baby. A small gesture, like a "big sister” or “ big brother” t-shirt or a personalized item, can help them feel acknowledged and appreciated during this transition. Attach a small note with a gift for my brother or a gift for my sister. This gesture can go a long way in easing any feelings of sibling jealousy. Some suggestions we love for gifts:
~ The Announcement Disk and Swaddle you will use to announce bubs arrival.

~ A round playmat for them both to snuggle on during those first Tummy Time moments

Matching Knitted Blankets is a great way to have both of them feeling special.

Older sibling and new baby snuggled by a window in Snuggly Jacks Sage Gingham Mumma sized knitted blanket and a sand gingham infant blanket



5. Allocate One-on-One Time

Balancing attention between siblings can be challenging, but allocating one-on-one time with your older child is crucial. Create opportunities for special outings, activities, or quiet moments where you can focus solely on them. It can be as small as introducing one on one story time at bedtime from mum or having dad organise bath time each day. This quality time reinforces their importance in your life and strengthens the sibling love they feel.

6. Encourage Expression of Emotions

Let your older child know that it's okay to express their feelings, whether it's excitement, sibling jealousy, or frustration. Validate their emotions and provide a safe space for them to talk openly about their concerns. It helps if this is started prior to the arrival of baby. 

7. Inclusion and Bonding Activities

Foster sibling love by encouraging shared activities. Plan playdates or craft sessions where the older child can engage with their younger brother or sister. This interaction helps build a foundation for a lifelong bond. 

8. Be Patient and Understanding

Remember that the adjustment process takes time. Your older child might exhibit moments of sibling jealousy even after the baby's arrival. Be patient and offer reassurance, reminding them of your unconditional love.

Welcoming a younger brother or sister into the family is a transformative experience for your older child. By following these tips and tricks, you can help them navigate this transition with grace, building a strong sibling bond filled with love and understanding. As you embark on this new chapter together, remember that fostering a positive sibling relationship is a gift that will last a lifetime.