Jersey Swaddles and Organic Muslin Wraps- The benefits

When you go to purchase your first swaddle wrap for baby do you find yourself hesitating? Wondering which option is better, a Muslin Wrap or Jersey Swaddle Stretch Wrap, Unless your one that already knows instantly? In this blog the focus is to explain the benefits of a breathable organic muslin wrap and why you might opt for a stretchy jersey swaddle wrap instead, the goal is to make one of those questions that keep you up easier to process. With a little bit of clarity and guidance you will be able to make an educated decision on what is the ideal swaddle for you and your baby. Just to clarify the aim isn't to sell you anything but the products we are discussing are designed by the mothers of Snuggly Jacks Canada, lets get to the topic at hand

Newborn Baby laying on a brown cushion wrapped in an Summer Storm organic Muslin swaddle wrap located in Canada

Snuggly Jacks Organic Muslin Swaddle Wraps

The Benefits of a Muslin Wrap

Our Muslin is a soft, breathable, freely woven, high-quality, long-lasting fabric made from 100% sustainably sourced cotton. Allowing for an extremely soft touch that surprisingly gets softer with every wash. The lightweight fabric aids in breastfeeding as it allows the warmth from mother to come through the swaddle wrap as baby feeds. Instantly settling your infant, the value of mum's presence can not be over stated..

Light enough that baby can easily breath

The light weight cotton and loose weave make the muslin swaddle a perfect privacy cover, it keeps the baby calm as it blocks out any visual disturbance but is light enough that baby can easily breath and move around. Perfect on a hot summers day in Canada as the light weave encourages air flow, and perfect to as an additional layer on the colder days. Throw it down for tummy time, use it to clean spit up or place it over your shoulder for burping purposes. The ethically sourced cotton assists in creating a very versatile, long-lasting muslin wrap. Leaving both mum and baby happy. 

Newborn Baby laying on a brown cushion wrapped in an Summer Storm organic Muslin swaddle wrap located in Canada

Snuggly Jacks Arizona Jersey Swaddle Wrap

thicker Jersey Fabric ... allowing for a simple swaddling experience

The benefits of a Jersey Swaddle stretch wraps

Now let’s talk Stretchy Jersey Swaddles Wraps. Made up off an innovative combination of 95% sustainable cotton and 5% eco-friendly Spandex (this gives that much needed stretch) it is a highly requested fabric for all things baby in Canada. The thicker Jersey fabric gives the wrap more structure allowing for a simple swaddling experience. If you are a new to the world of swaddling According to Jessica Jane Photography’s The JJP Method (a new born photography course for parents) having a high-quality Jersey Swaddle on hand when taking your announcement photo allows for an easy Insta worthy result.

A durable jersey swaddle wrap will out last your baby

Snuggly Jacks have been selling Jersey Swaddle wraps for 7 years and see time and time again jersey swaddles being used as a dolls blanket or for the second baby. Value for money is important for mums and families of newborns, the point isn't to say that Muslin Wraps will wear out but it has to be said that the 5% spandex holds its structure for quite a bit longer. 

The benefits that feature in both Muslin Wraps and Jersey Swaddles

Despite you choosing a muslin swaddle wrap or a jersey stretch wrap each will give the baby that much needed security of still being in the womb, the natural fibers used in the manufacturing will also allow mum and baby to share body warmth. The warm cocoon that can be created from swaddling prevents the babies natural startle reflex helping establish that much required sleep routine.

Newborn Baby Girl laying on a Rose Organic Knitted Blanket wrapped in a Fall Jersey Swaddle wrap by Snuggly Jacks Canada

Snuggly Jacks Jersey Stretch Swaddle Wrap

Swaddles can be used for so much more then wrapping a baby. Use them as a portable change mat, they can double as a baby blanket, use them as a portable play mat or even use them as a burp cloth. They fold up into a small lightweight parcel that it is always easy to find space in that overcrowded nappy bag.

The final choice, Organic Muslin Wrap or Jersey Swaddle?

Armed with all of that information there is still a chance you are none the wiser, the goal here is to help you process the thoughts you may or may not have. Please remember the Snuggly Jacks Canada team are available online so please connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or chat with us here if you have any questions, we know baby's and want nothing more than to support mothers. 

If you are still not sure weather the muslin wrap is better than the jersey swaddle wrap than try having both on hand, layers are always advised but there is no telling what your baby will prefer. Doubling up on the wraps will also allow you to double swaddle when baby needs that extra little bit of warmth or reassurance. 

As previously mentioned every baby is different and what may work for some may not work for others. Take the time to consider what we have mentioned, explore the range at Snuggly Jacks Canada, check in with other mums and understand above all else this is your journey experience it your way, right and wrong don't really apply when we are discussing mothers, newborns and birth.